The emerald thuja is the one of the most popular varieties of thuja - Thuja occidentalis. There is an excellent variety for unshaped hedges and planting in the compositions. Her green-emerald scales retain their color throughout the year, which differentiates it from other commonly planted varieties - tui 'Brabant' thuja emerald is cut into regular, narrowly conical, so no trimming is required forming.

The growing position should be from solar to penumbra. In shadow Thuja does not get a nice color and habit will be looser and less regular. Soil for what we think Emeralds should be fertile and moist. Due to their habit and nice color of needles, it is also suitable for planting individual, as solitary.

Planting thuja emerald in a row with purpose of the hedge, performed a distance from every 50 - 70 cm. The plant should be supplied from spring to July fertilizers intended for conifers and regularly irrigate. In our climate thuja emerald is sufficiently frost-resistant and requires no cover for the winter.